About the project

„Wolin - the island of memory” is a project dedicated to documenting the memories of the inhabitants of the Wolin commune in the first years after World War II to this day.

The exhibition and the accompanying catalog, as well as the website, present fragments of personal accounts, documents, photos, and souvenirs. They are related to the settlement of people in these areas after 1945, they also refer to the cultural and religious traditions that they had brought with them from their homeland.

These stories, family albums, diaries and notes of the oldest generation of inhabitants hide real gems. They concern both the folk culture (songs, traditions and customs, which were only partially practiced after the resettlement) and the realities of social and economic life in cities and towns in the first decades of the 20th century. They have great historical and documentary value.

The collection is in the form of a social archive, and the narrative is built on the basis of memory and its intergenerational transmission. There are scenes captured in the camera frame and in scraps of memory, single sentences, and long stories.

We invite you to a meeting with fragments of memories of the inhabitants of Wolin Island.